I am a concert pianist and teacher and I love sharing music and helping you reach yor full potential as an artist. I’m passionate about 19th century playing, the Golden Age of Opera and languages .

I give Piano lessons, Interpretation classes and technical sessions to pianists of all levels, as well as language AND coaching for opera singers, all online. contact me!

Interpretation classes

If you are an intermediate or professional level pianist looking to deepen your interpretation or your understanding of a certain composer, this is for you. I will work with you on interpretative elements, projection, emotional depth and spontaneity in playing as well as elements of Historically informed practise.

Technical sessions

Are you uncomfortable in your playing? Do you suffer from tendinitis and stiffness or do you have the impression that you are musically blocked? My experience as a professional pianists has taught me how to overcome these problems and obtain painless, free playing. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Language and coaching for singers

I am fluent in Italian, French and German, having lived in all three countries and I regularly coach singers. If you need help for text comprehension, pronunciation, interpretation contact me!

Tarifs available on request.

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